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A Conversation with Special Forces Army Veteran “JP” Juan Perez Jr.

We invite you to listen to a conversation with decorated Special Forces Army Veteran, “JP” Juan Perez Jr. about his experience as a Green Beret, the real definition of terrorism, facing fears, parenthood, self-reliance, the right to bear arms, main stream media, the importance of conflict resolution, and what it…


Drawing My Own Line – My Thoughts About Eminem’s Rant

I am terribly turned off by Eminem’s ridiculous rant about President Trump on BET. I see the comments on my feed and articles praising how amazing he was, and have found no article critically dissecting his rant.

Am I living in the Twilight Zone?

I ask myself, Is this Eminem rant helping people for the greater good or is this helping to create more distance/division between people?

Do people not see how the media is playing on their emotions? And how one sided this whole thing is?

Are these emotions good ones? Are they inspiring good critical conversation? Or are they provoking what feels and sounds like pestilence?

Everyone has a right to express their feelings.  As I have a right to share my point of views.  It is a perspective. That is all. 

I find that I can’t even do laundry without bumping into someone who wants to start talking about Trump, but it is never an intellligent conversation. It is often a one sided hate rant. For those of us that are empaths, this feels like poison emanating from their energetic field. It is toxic for everyone involved.

To loosely quote Eminem, I am drawing my own line. If you can not see how you are allowing yourself to be mind controlled, I can not help you and nor do I deserve to experience your Trump hating song, especially if you are not ready or equipped to have a conversation. 

 It is poison no body needs.

Who am I to talk? I am a former Line Producer with 11 years at VH1, MTV, and BET.  I produce an independent podcast called Cafecito Break focused on exploring deeply and critically what is happening in our world on a social, cultural, political and relationship level. And there’s more, I am also a daughter of Puerto Rico.

I refuse to allow the current state of hate to enter what is already a very difficult life situation for me, my family, my loved ones, and brothers and sisters who are directly impacted by these recent disasters and are dealing with very challenging life conditions. We don’t need to be served more hate. We need love, support, compassion, communion, and community…


Rosangel Perez

Producer and Host of Cafecito Break Podcast

Putting The Pieces Back Together

How do we manage these stressful anxiety filled times?  Rosangel and Ruthie share an honest conversation about putting the pieces back together and making your way back to wholeness. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedWant more Cafecito? Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Play |…


Self Censorship

It’s getting tricky out there. Some people are so fragile to anything that can represent a different opinion or a point of view. I find my circle is and feels smaller. I do not jump onto hate trains and some of the people I love and treasure so much are there… on the hate train. So close to the truth, they don’t see it. So close to inconsistencies, they do not question it, so in love with the people they rock with, that they are so afraid to speak a different song. – ra

A Message From My Father…

Rosangel shares a message from her father. She also talks about managing grief and how gratitude has been a huge part of her healing process. You are invited to join us for 29 Days of Gratitude https://www.facebook.com/groups/29daysofgratitude/ Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedWant more Cafecito? Apple Podcasts…


Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico

“When Hurricane Maria savaged the Island, many of our deepest fears were realized,” said Velázquez. “With a power grid that already faced serious infrastructure problems, the storm has shut down power for the entirety of Puerto Rico. Even before Maria made landfall, the Island was already suffering from economic and…


RA’s New Pimp Cup, Mrs. Garret, and Love Shouts

Inside Cafecito Break – RA Thoughts about her new Pimp Cup, Mrs. Garrett, and some love shouts.

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Talk to a Machine… Throwing Love in the Trash

Recorded the night before Hurricane Maria – RA’s Thoughts

What is happening to us? What are we doing to ourselves? Does love not matter?

RA shares her worries and anxieties of the way the world and people and society seem to be unfolding…