What can you and I do to stand for truth and freedom when it is clear that there is media censorship, bias, and blackouts? In this show Rosangel shares updates regarding the Water Protectors at Dakota Pipeline, examples of how the media is scripted, militarized police state, and what you can do to help and how “we cannot eat money”    Read More →

Rosangel and Ruthie talk to Roberto Mukaro Borrero about the Dakota Pipelines, Black Snake Prophecy, Spectra, what you are not hearing in the media. and more. About Roberto – “An artist, historian, musician, writer, and storyteller, Roberto Múkaro Borrero is one of only a handful of actual Taíno descendants in the world who are considered leading authorities on ancient Taíno Indian culture.” -Thirteen/WNET, 1998 About – Roberto “Mukaro” Borrero offers a wealth of experience and expertise with a specialization in indigenous cultures. His unique perspective is based on real world experience in the arts and advocacy as well as years of participation in indigenous ceremoniesRead More →

We are living revelations. Times that test the will and strength of men and women. How are we meeting these days? How can we approach them with love, awareness, truth, and faith? Is it just enough to pray? What else can we and could we do? Let’s start the conversation. I am calling this Cafecito Break Radio show , “Give truth and peace a chance”… with special Guest Host Pastor Katrina Foster. Click below to listen to the show…Read More →

In this episode Ruthie and RA talk about the powerful energy shift, the super moon, financial climate, truths about cancer, media censorship and more.Read More →

In this podcast Ruthie and RA share their reactions to the second Presidential Debate, an update regarding Hurricane Matthew, The Dakota Pipeline, Smart Meters, and more.Read More →

Rosangel talks to Meredith Kismet Narissi  about her upcoming book 7 Veils, Belly Dancing, self love, beauty, and enlightenment. About |  Meredith Kistmet Narissi is a Mind Body Polarity Therapist, Mystagogue, Professional Belly Dancer. and Contributing Writer for Belly Dance Super Star Magazine.  Learn more | www.meredithnarissi.com/Read More →