5 Things We Learned on Cafecito Break

5 Things We Learned on Cafecito Break

Rosangel and Ruthie share 5 things they have learned hosting a live Monday Morning Podcast…

Here are some of the items on their list:

  • show up – even if it scares you
  • allow the pause in between
  • its not about me, its not about she, its about us
  • words are powerful… use them wisely
  • “I found my voice” – Rosangel and Ruthie had this one on their list
  • the art of conversation is becoming extinct.  It seems more difficult to have a whole body listening chats
  • sometimes you need to take a “you” break and be okay with it
  • when you know, you know, you know… 🙂

“Five Years ago in the middle of life transitions and deep within the dark night of the soul… I dared to take action on my dream of creating a podcast. 5 Years later, over 180 shows, multiple interviews and lots of lessons learned, we are grateful to share that our podcast Cafecito Break has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners.  Our vision for 2017 is to keep growing and expanding.” – Rosangel Perez

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