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Alan Steinfeld, A Day Out of Time

Our topic – A Day Out of Time with Special Guest, Producer Talk Show Host of New Realities, Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld has been the host and producer of the New Realities television show for the past 15 years for Time/Warner television in New York City. In that time he has produced over 2000 interview programs with the leading-edge thinkers, scientists, artists, paradigm shifters and religious leaders from around the world.
From the obscure to the well known, Alan has traveled the world in pursuit of truth, esoteric knowledge, and ancient wisdom. Some of his most well known guests include Deepak Chopra, John Gray, John Anthony West and Ram Dass.
In addition to New Realities he is a writer, producer, director, photographer and acupuncturist.
Alan is the author of the book, Careers in Alternative Medicine, published by Rosen Publishing, now in its third edition.
Alan is a licensed acupuncturist with a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe. He also studied with Jeffery Yuen, who is the lineage holder of 88 generations of Jade Purity school of Taoism.
Learn more newrealities.com
New Realities You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/newrealities

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