Coulda Shoulda’s

Living with the regret of knowing you could have shown up for love and didn’t is painful. Some of my best friends are Seniors. I learn so much from the stories they share with me. On their top lists of regrets and coulda shoulda’s are things like realizing after the fact that they should have been more present for their families.

In their present moment, many of them feel lonely and alone, but more so than that, they mourn for the society they witness.  They mourn the disconnection from the family and the lack of appreciating the simple and natural.  The mourn for a society they see that is plugged in to the tv, laptops, smart phone, iPad…etc.

I used to be this highly plugged into the screen human being. I was very career driven and this cost me moments with loved ones that I can never again recreate.

We have this moment. Pick up the phone and reconnect with a loved one now… ra

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