Entrepreneurs Need Love Too #supportlocal

The journey of an Entrepreneur is a life filled with lots of juicy rewards, challenges and deep dark lonely revealing times. It could mean loss of relationships, family, and close friends who may feel betrayed by those seeking to pave a new way that is not the “norm”.

At a time when big business keeps getting bigger, supporting Entrepreneurs and local businesses is crucial. For those who have witnessed neighborhoods experience gentrification, it is painful to witness a big chain company move across the street to their small business competitor. We know what happens… Example: Williamsburg BK.

Entrepreneurs are visionaries daring greatly and boldly into the unknown to create a sovereign life for themselves, their loved ones, and they add a touch of home to their communities. Some entrepreneurs are change makers and they inspire others to dream big and to co create a life of their dreams as well.

The Perez Sisters understand the journey of the Entrepreneur.  When we started, we planted our own seeds in what felt like a barren dessert. Botanikal Metaphysical Boutique and Cafecito Break podcast were seeded with love, hope and great vision. And although we have faced many lonely dark excruciating days, we are still here and those lil seeds planted with love, faith and action are growing strong. #grateful

Now we are planting another seed… This seed is love and home and supporting #local #entrepreneurs

Please join us and invite others to Cafecito Break Gratitude Fest and Tribal Market with Friends on Nov 12th, 2017 at St Pauls in Bk 2pm-6pm.

Our goal is to make these markets a monthly event where people could gather, hear some music, chat it up with the neighbors, drink some coffee, hear a live Cafecito Break Podcast and do a lil shopping with our local vendors.

We say so much with our actions and our money and these days many of us are feeling the greater need to be with others in communion. Let’s not forget about home. Let’s not forget about family and loved ones. Let’s not forget about us. Let’s not forget the importance of supporting local and the entrepreneurs in your life.

“Remember that every time You patron a local vendor or entrepreneur YOU are also energizing and protecting homes and families!! Community is Connection and Medicine for the Soul…”  – Alex Perez

May your efforts be blessed and multiplied divinely.

Thank you,

Rosangel – Cafecito Break and Botanikal

Cafecito Break

Visionary Radio Host and Podcaster

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