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Happy Birthday Cafecito Break

CAFECITO BREAK PODCAST is 4 years this month. When we first started the podcast, our vision was simply to create a live “feel good” show. As time passed, we started to realize that everytime we did a CAFECITO BREAK podcast we were creating a sacred virtual circle of trust that felt holy and beautiful.

CAFECITO BREAK is here to serve as a bridge/platform for life discussions that are important to have in this fast moving anxiety filled world.
So every MONDAY MORNING at 11am est and FRIDAY MORNING 9am-11am est, we invite you for feel good metaphysical conversation that inspires, empowers, and nourishes the soul. CAFECITO BREAK is produced by The Perez Sisters NYC and is hosted by Rosangel Perez Ruthie Guten.
She was born March 2012 in celebration of Women’s History Month. We premiered on WBAI in NYC. Our first show was called, “Are You Hearing The Wild Woman Call?”, referring to our connection with our intuition/gut.
We would like to THANK ALL OF YOU who listen to our show, share it with others, and send us blessings. May your beauty be multiplied. We would also like to acknowledge all of our past CAFECITO BREAK GUESTS, thank you for taking time to share these beautiful soul to soul heart to heart moments with us.

-the wonder women of Cafecito Break
Rosangel, Ruthie, Alex

About Cafecito Break

Visionary, Gratitude Coach, Radio Host and Speaker

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