How do you communicate with a hysterical person who fills the space with words that don’t go anywhere? We are seeing this trend in Media, on college campuses, with some elected officials, and anti Trump people that short circuit if they assume you are on the Trump train… for example. What happened to the art of a conversation? I keep witnessing people in adult bodies responding like 5 year olds. This has become an everyday conversation/question/concern with people in my inner circle… from students to old people and everyone in between… people are worried, they are afraid to speak, afraid to be honest, they areRead More →

Living with the regret of knowing you could have shown up for love and didn’t is painful. Some of my best friends are Seniors. I learn so much from the stories they share with me. On their top lists of regrets and coulda shoulda’s are things like realizing after the fact that they should have been more present for their families. In their present moment, many of them feel lonely and alone, but more so than that, they mourn for the society they witness.  They mourn the disconnection from the family and the lack of appreciating the simple and natural.  The mourn for a societyRead More →

“It is time to speak your truth. Create your community, Be good to each other. Do not look outside yourself for a leader.” – Thomas Banyacya Sr. “You have been telling the people, That this is the eleventh hour. Now, you must go and tell the people, That THIS is the hour, And there are things to be considered. Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in the right relationship? Where is your water? Know your garden … It is time to speak your truth. Create your community, Be good to each other. Do not look outside yourselfRead More →

[retweet]Are you being you? Or are you being a caricature of yourself? Are you playing into a role because that is the way everyone else does it? or that is that way they want it for you Are you listening to your inner voice… Has your soul been shouting “NO MORE!??” Have you been feeling like a big fake? Are you tempted to scream “f*ck this sh*t, I’m done!” Do you feel like roaring at the top of your lungs? then do it… allow yourself to feel the vibration of your big thunderous roar. feel your aliveness feel the strength of your voice expressing throughRead More →

Today could be your lucky number – Bob Marley Today I don’t want to talk about our differences or what divides us. Today I want to remember the beauty and blessing of simply being alive. As long as we have breath… As long as we can think another thought… anything is possible. I love u – ra  Read More →