“I love and approve of myself and I trust the process of life. I am safe.” – Louise Hay Show Notes: ANXIETY – not trusting the flow and the process of life (source Louise Hay) In this show we talked about the importance of naming your discomfort and taking action to move into another state of mind. Rosangel and Ruthie also share personal experiences with anxiety. Recommendations include Shorten your TO DO LIST… Schedule something that is FUN (everyday) Why Shifting into Gratitude helps you get into an empowering state of mind An invitation to join our closed FB group page called 29daysofgratitude and shareRead More →

Hatred is poison for your soul and for your body When we hate someone or something, or a circumstance… We become enslaved to a vibration that does not serve us or empower us. As each moment passes, the chains feel heavier and heavier This hatred becomes embedded in our souls and in our bodies When we hate, we start to manifest aches and emotional/physical pains When we hate, we close the door for healing When we hate, we are creating poison and drinking it When we hate often without knowing, we are cruel to the innocent ones The vibration of hate locks a person intoRead More →

Rosangel and Ruthie talk to Ola Kudu for part 2 of last week’s conversation. Topics discussed: *The Art of appreciating yourself, others, and the environment *Our connection to Social Media *Asking the bigger questions *Corporate Media and the Lack of Alternatives *The Right to know about other options, i.e. other Presidential nomineesRead More →

Rosangel and Ruthie talk to Ola Kudu, Creative Director & Founder of Kokujin Media, Inc, – a boutique digital shop specializing in creative media. “I am the bridge. The connector. The catalyst. Creating emotional connections through content. Engaging audiences through culture. Blurring the line between art and commerce. Building brands with innovative experiences. Solving problems with creative flair. And smiling while doing it.” Ola Kudu About: Ola Kudu is an award-winning Creative Director specializing in connecting brands to the passions of their target markets. Kudu has created highly innovative and effective 360 campaigns for brands across multiple mediums: digital, broadcast/cable, print & grassroots. Kudu excelsRead More →

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” – Mother Teresa Cafecito Break Show Notes: -Checking in, how was your week -this heavy feeling week -the importance of creating nourishment time for yourself -when we deny who we are… -an invitation to join us on meet up on “the gratitude movement” or gratitude church or 29 Days of Gratitude (our FB closed group page)Read More →

In this episode Rosangel Perez of Cafecito Break shares simple tips for creating magical moments in your day. Hint… sometimes you need to fake it till you make it…Read More →

What if your right time is RIGHT now? Show Notes – Cafecito Updates Gratitude Reflection – The 11th Hour http://www.communityworks.info/hopi.htm The power of using simple language and sentences to communicate The challenge and fun in learning new words The role doctors play in our lives How we can empower ourselves Main Cafecito Chat – How do you know it’s the right time?  What gets in the way?  Is it selfish to take care of yourself? Rosangel and Ruthie discuss some Cafecito updates, share personal stories about “the right time” and when to make a decision.Read More →

On today’s Cafecito Break we will discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Media. Do images and videos of violence/tragedy have an effect? What can you do? What can we feed our bodies to manage the PTSD? Listen here… Be a part of the conversation! Show Summary: Happy Fathers Day Message Happy Solstice/Full Moon Gratitude Prayer for the Sun The Importance of taking holistic self care breaks PTSD symptoms and what you can do…. Article referenced: http://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/ptsd Rosangel and Ruthie invite you to join us LIVE every Monday Morning via You TubeRead More →

Topic: An Empowering Woman – Jennifer Gutierrez She is currently the Campaign Manager for Congressional Candidate, Nydia Velazquez and she has a message about voting, education, and our rights… Jennifer Gutierrez was born in Queens, NY to immigrants parents from Colombia. Both her parents worked in service jobs ranging from bakeries, restaurants, childcare, and housekeeping. They instilled the importance of education and participation as the path to success. With an older sister, Diana Gutierrez, both attended public schools in Queens and Manhattan. Jennifer realized early on what inequity in our school systems felt like when her and a group of friends were vehemently petitioning theRead More →