Rosangel and Ruthie chat with Stephen Popiotek about spiritual hygiene, gratitude, connecting to our heart space,  thought forms, psychic attacks, psychic self defense, and more. About | Stephen Popiotek is a cutting edge Metaphysical Teacher, Researcher, and Channel for a variety of esoteric subjects including The Kabbalah, Cosmic Shamanism, Numerology, Egyptian Mystery Teachings, Sacred Geometry, Property Cleansing, Star Gate Activations and the Ascension Process. As a well-learned intuitive guide with over 25 years of experience delving to the core of ancient spiritual traditions, Stephen often leads large meditative groups in Planetary Grid Upgrades, Galactic Channelings, and Spiritual Warrior Teachings of Light. His Solar Teachings incorporateRead More →

Dedicated to those who are experiencing grief, loss, and/or transition.  In this episode, Rosangel talks about the loss of her father and how gratitude helped her manage her inconsolable grief. Everyday for a year she shared a gratitude tweet on social media. In less than 29 days, she started to feel lighter and more peaceful inside. As a result #29daysofgratitude was born.  Since 2009, Rosangel has shared this journey with thousands of people who have joined her on this 29 day journey.  One day at a time…. One breath at a time.  We invite you to listen here. “One moment it feels like you areRead More →

Rosangel and Ruthie invite you to listen to a conversation that is spicy, healthy, and pleasurable to the senses with Special Guest Anita Teresa – Feminine Wisdom Teacher & Sexuality Educator. Anita Teresa is the founder of the ground-breaking Sex & Medicine Summit, and creator of The Embodied Femme.  Her unique offerings stem from an extensive background in the holistic health and healing field. Anita was a founding member of the Department of Integrative Health Programs at NYU Langone Medical Center, helping to grow & innovate their programs over a five-year period through providing yoga, Qi Gong, dance, hypnosis, and other holistic offerings to thousandsRead More →

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist “Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy” ― Ludwig van BeethovenRead More →

What is going on with free speech and social media? Rosangel and Ruthie share their observations and some of their direct experiences.  We invite you to listen here. Be a part of the conversation. Tell us what you think about social media and censorship at and we will try to share it on the show if we can.  Read More →

“And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people, maybe more People talking without speaking People hearing without listening People writing songs that voices never share And no one dared Disturb the sound of silence”  – Simon And Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence Lyric by Paul Simon Rosangel Perez shares a reflection about “the sounds of silence”Read More →