Inside Cafecito Blog with RA 1/6/18 “Whenever you’re aggressive, you’re at the edge of mistakes.” – Mario Andretti The streets in Brooklyn were slippery due to the icy snowy conditions. There I was walking slowly holding my pizza box tightly. I was being so careful not to slip, when all of a sudden, I felt someone grab me from behind by my bookbag and push me out of the way so that he could get through…   Who in their right mind grabs a stranger and pushes them out of the way on a slippery narrow street? I was so lucky I did not fall.Read More →

I am terribly turned off by Eminem’s ridiculous rant about President Trump on BET. I see the comments on my feed and articles praising how amazing he was, and have found no article critically dissecting his rant. Am I living in the Twilight Zone? I ask myself, Is this Eminem rant helping people for the greater good or is this helping to create more distance/division between people? Do people not see how the media is playing on their emotions? And how one sided this whole thing is? Are these emotions good ones? Are they inspiring good critical conversation? Or are they provoking what feels andRead More →

How is a gadget that is supposed to help you communicate more effectively harming your one on one human to human interactions? Rosangel and Ruthie take an online test and the results prove they both need to be more mindful with their cell phone relationship. We invite you listen here to an honest conversation about cell/smart phone addiction. Sources:  Read More →

Rosangel chats about the choices we make, lessons we learn on the path, the moment you realize you want to create change in your life, spiritual hygiene, waking up and wanting to share it with the world, realizing why you may not get the response you were hoping for, and the realization that everyone is on their own journey.  She also shares Botanikal’s Crystal Ally Recommendation. Click below to hear more: Please subscribe to our channel.  The more likes and subscribes we get, the more people we are able to reach. Gracias.Read More →

Living with the regret of knowing you could have shown up for love and didn’t is painful. Some of my best friends are Seniors. I learn so much from the stories they share with me. On their top lists of regrets and coulda shoulda’s are things like realizing after the fact that they should have been more present for their families. In their present moment, many of them feel lonely and alone, but more so than that, they mourn for the society they witness.  They mourn the disconnection from the family and the lack of appreciating the simple and natural.  The mourn for a societyRead More →

Are we moving into a society that is cold and lacks compassion? With so much bad news everywhere, some people are feeling so overwhelmed, they don’t want to feel anymore… Is this the right approach? Rosangel and Ruthie invite you to listen in and be a part of our conversation. Cafecito Break “Lets start the conversation” Hosted by Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten Produced by The Perez Sisters Made in Brooklyn. YOU ARE INVITED TO SUPPORT and or CONTRIBUTE to our Cafecito Break Community in the following ways: *By subscribing to our NEW You Tube Page *By subscribing on Vidme: *By making aRead More →

Rosangel and Ruthie have an honest discussion about their observations and insights in regards to the Women’s Marches that took place in cities all over the world this past Saturday, January, 21st, 2017.Read More →

Rosangel shares some thoughts about relationships, having too many choices, lack of commitment, loneliness, finding faith in dark times and a powerful mantra she learned from an Elder, “Good Morning Your Majesty”Read More →

How can you rise to be your best self when someone is triggering you intentionally? In this episode, Rosangel shares some examples of managing situations that trigger anger or can even lead to a fight with love and compassion.Read More →