When We Hate…

When We Hate…

Hatred is poison for your soul and for your body
When we hate someone or something, or a circumstance…
We become enslaved to a vibration that does not serve us or empower us.

As each moment passes, the chains feel heavier and heavier
This hatred becomes embedded in our souls and in our bodies

When we hate, we start to manifest aches and emotional/physical pains
When we hate, we close the door for healing
When we hate, we are creating poison and drinking it
When we hate often without knowing, we are cruel to the innocent ones

The vibration of hate locks a person into a moment
Hate opens the door for more hate to come in…

When we hate, it is harder to see the beauty that exists all around us.

And I don’t know about you…
But nothing and no one is worth my peace of mind and my health.

My recommendation…
Set an intention for forgiveness.

Set an intention to transform and transmute your hatred into a more gentler expression.
Start where you are.

Do what you can…
A lil each day.
And most of all…
be gentle with yourself

and always remember that the core of you is and always will be love.
May peace, play, and pleasure be with you always.

RA ~ la shamanessa