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📣 7 Million People Have Crossed The Border Illegally Since Biden Admin - Our Social Service Systems Are Overwhelmed

File this under - Humanitarian Crisis

We have a crisis at the border and another one unfolding in major cities.

🚨 Over 90,000 “migrants” have arrived in NY.

📣 7 million plus people have crossed the border Illegally since Biden Admin

🚨 Over 85,000 CHILDREN have gone MISSING.

🗽We do not feel safe in NY.

🌹This isn’t about politics. This is about people.

#border #nyc #humanitariancrisis #migrants #robertfkennedyjr #rfkjr #cafecitobreak

🗽Powerful message by Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Video by Cafecito Break - The Roosevelt Hotel on 7/31/23

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