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If MAGA Republican's Agree With You... If They Don't ... Ms. Plaskett at Subcommittee Censorship Hearing with RFK Jr.

Censorship at the Censorship Hearing


“If MAGA Republicans agree with you, you’re given a platform to spread any conspiracy theories no matter how harmful and if they disagree with you, you get death threats until you have to go away. These folks have a plan. They want to force social media companies to promote conspiracy theories because they think that is the only way their candidate can win the 2024 election....” Ms. Plaskett

🚨 QUESTION for Ms. Plaskett: Why did you accept money from Jeffrey Epstein?

Subcommittee Hearing on Censorship with Robert F Kennedy Jr. on 7/20/23

To watch part 1 and part 2 of this hearing visit our channel on Rumble here.

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