The Perez Sisters Had A Blast at The Bushwick Puerto Rican Parade

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United We Are Stronger - Unidos Somos Más Fuerte.

The injustice of not being allowed to march in the Sunset Parade because of assumed political ideologies was a sad moment for The Perez Sisters who have devoted more than 12 years to serve our community.

It felt so good to be embraced by The Bushwick Puerto Rican Day parade. It was soul healing to see our community family.

Thank you Jessica Arocho, The Godmother of the Bushwick Puerto Rican Day Parade 2023 for extending an invitation to The Perez Sisters of Cafecito Break to March alongside you. Thank you Evelyn Jimenez and Nathan Realm Bunce for standing with The Perez Sisters and saying NO to the ways others within the community try to separate and divide.

Thank you Assemblywoman, Maritza Davila for the warm welcome.

Thank you Randy Peers for your unconditional support of The Perez Sisters. Thank you BK Borough President Antonio Reynoso for always embracing us no matter how different we see the world.

Thank you Mr. Mario for always supporting Cafecito Break esp when most fell silent.

Thank you JP Solly for knowing that serving community wellness is bigger than politics. It’s always great to collaborate with you.

Thank you freedom fam for your support.

Thank you for all of you who love on Cafecito Break and understand the importance of our boots on the ground independent media efforts.

IT IS OK to be and think different.

It is NOT ok to disrespect and dishonor others because you disagree.

Please enjoy this lil video collage of some of the special moments.

The work continues. And we must come together from all sides to face the battles in NY as one community family.

We love and appreciate you.

The Perez Sisters de Cafecito Break and Botanikal

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