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Fauci's Fiction: How The Government, Modern Medicine and Media GOT IT WRONG From The Beginning - RA Interviews Dr. Mike

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Hello Cafecito Breakers,

Here is a video interview with Dr. Michael Schwartz, a Research Doctor with an incredible testimony and DATA driven book where he breaks down his findings of COVID Testing when the world went dark in 2020.

Very early on in 2020, Dr. Mike knew that the media, modern medicine and the Government was getting it wrong.

While most of the world wants to move on from COVID and forget what we experienced, we can not and must not overlook so much that went wrong.

We humans need one another. The youth and the children need our courage. They need us to step up and try to do what we can to make it right.

Some of that must begin with owning up.

Take a listen and learn more about his findings. Click the link or image below to buy his book and get the data in your hands. Fauci’s Fiction is essentially THE book on Covid. The book examines the real science behind Covid-19 and what the media and the government never told you.

About The Book

This book includes meta-data from over nineteen thousand patients receiving over forty-four thousand tests and incorporates the data from antibodies and vaccines to paint a true picture of what Covid really looks like from the thirty thousand foot view.

Thank you for listening.

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