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Garvey v. The City of New York - Watch The Courtroom Hearing #replay #covid #mandates

more upside down news from NY

These brave warriors are holding the line.

Let’s pray with them. “16 Strongest 4 Choice”.

Keep an eye out for the results of this case.

On April 15th, 2024 Oral arguments in the appeal of Garvey v. The City of New York occurred. Take a listen.

WHAT: Oral arguments in the appeal of Garvey v. The City of New York
WHO: Garvey v. The City of New York
WHEN: April 15th 2024
WHERE: Appellate Division, Second Department
WHY: This case encompasses 16 members of the DSNY. Garvey et al won
that case in October of 2022, where the judge ruled that the imposition of
the Covid 19 vaxx mandate and firing of city workers was
unconstitutional, arbitrary and capricious. The City appealed and it has
taken over a year and a half to have oral arguments scheduled with the
Law Department requesting more time and delaying the hearing. Not one
of the 16 plaintiffs has been reinstated to his/her position with DSNY
despite the court victory and the fact that the Covid 19 Vaxx mandate was lifted in February of 2023.

"I just want to go back to throwing garbage in the rain.”
- Plaintiff Danny Hulkower

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