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Hands Off Our Children, We Decide, Our Body Not The Government! Interviews with Freedom Fighters of NY

Call to action, We need your help.

Source Teachers for Choice

“Over 200 people came to the Medical Freedom rally in Albany, New York on May 7. The rally featured over 20 speakers who were all live streamed on CHD.TV for nearly 3 hours. But the most important actions of the day were in the conversations we had with Democrat leaders at the Capitol, mostly behind the scenes.” - Michael Kane

Words can not express the humility we feel witnessing these brave courageous souls continue to fight for our freedom no matter the life challenge, the sacrifice, and the exhaustion.


It is not an exaggeration when we say our liberties are in peril. And it is not an exaggeration when we say the Government is writing policies and enforcing laws that put PARENTAL RIGHTS IN DANGER

See full live stream of highlighted video on website

Source: CHD


  • Assemblymember Jaime Williams

  • State Senator Alexis Weik

  • Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense

  • Bobbie Anne Cox, Uniting NYS

  • Tricia Lindsay, Civil rights attorney, Suing Philadelphia for letting minors get shots without parental consent, State Senate candidate

  • Shannon Joy, The Shannon Joy Show

  • James Lyons Weiler, Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge

  • Trammel Thompson, Progressive Action

  • Dana Hensley, Restoring Childhood

  • John Gilmore, Autism Action Network

  • Michael Kane, Teachers for Choice

  • Rich Purtell, Libertarian Party

  • George Garvey, Strongest for Choice

  • Matt Connor, Bravest for Choice

  • Tom Lapolla, Assembly candidate

  • Cely Batista, Cops 4 Freedom and Finest for Choice

  • Margaret Cortese, Medical Professionals for Informed Consent

  • Ayesha Kreutz, Coalition to Protect Kids NY, Frederick Douglass Foundation

  • Brucha Weisberger, Lev Aharon Bikur Cholim

  • Curtis Cost

  • Joe Pinion

Bills to watch in New York

  • S118/A6676, Restores the religious exemption to attend school

  • S4316/A6451, Allows people injured by vaccines required by the State to sue the State

  • S5715/A4460, Requires parents to be present when vaccines are administered

  • A3997/S1636, Prohibits mandatory COVID shots for work or college

  • A6761, Would allow any medical treatment, including surgery, to be done to children without parental knowledge or consent

  • S1531, Would make inclusion of all adult vaccine records, or lack of records, mandatory in a state database

  • S762a/A276b, Allows vaccines for STDs to be given to minors without parental knowledge or consent

  • A2125/S8113, Repeals religious exemptions for college and work

  • A1811/S1945, Mandatory flu shots for pre-K-12 school

  • S6103, Vaccines for 14-year-olds without parental consent

  • A2905, NYS Health. Dept. should not make medical exemptions decisions

  • S624, No mandatory COVID shots for college studentsHelp us pray for justice and most the most benevolent outcome.

Helpful links:

Children’s Health Defense

Teachers For Choice substack

Autism Action Network

Please do get involved…. Do what you can.

Liking, Commenting, Sharing our posts, and as our brother Kevin Nathaniel says, “Tell somebody”…. everything helps.



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