Cafecito Break
Cafecito Break
In Celebration of Her... Kristen Harness - Extended Hands of Hope

In Celebration of Her... Kristen Harness - Extended Hands of Hope

"Intense love does not measure. It just gives." - Mother Teresa

Kristen Harness is the kind of woman that sees a problem and comes up with a solution. She's witnessed first hand the atrocities of human trafficking and founded a non profit in Colorado to support women and girls who have been abused to provide a safe haven for their path of recovery/healing.  She also founded Simply Good Cakery, LLC, which provides a way to fund raise for Extended Hands of Hope as well as Executive 31 which is focused on uplifting, encouraging, and honoring the women who are changing this world for the better.

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Cafecito Break
Cafecito Break
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