Cafecito Break
Cafecito Break
Mondays Mornings with Ruthie and RA #2420

Mondays Mornings with Ruthie and RA #2420

Dive down the rabbit hole of the upside down world as we cover trending news and hot topics. Wepa!

Ruthie and RA offer their latest social political commentary which include,
A Safer Cheaper Way to Treat Covid Successfully
Wearing a Mask Debate continues. When is it safe? How can it be dangerous?
Ruthie and RA Speaking up…
Leaders telling others what to do when it doesn’t make sense
Crazy times, illegal fireworks, more crimes, and shootings reported in major cities across the USA The truth about BLM Movement and their mission statement
Social Distance Snitches
Gislaine Maxwell Arrested
The Psychological Fuckery of Temperature Guns

Recorded: July 6th, 2020
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Ruthie's Show Notes:

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Cafecito Break
Cafecito Break
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