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🚨 Not All Vaccines Are Created Equal

Can we really have this conversation?

What happened to #mybodymychoice

What happened to #religiousexemption

🗽☕️ Cafecito Break Reports on #midwife Jeanette Breen.

Is she a hero or a villain? Please see video above.

Source: CBS News

“A New York midwife who gave nearly 1,500 children homeopathic pellets instead of required vaccinations was issued an unprecedented $300,000 fine for putting "lives in jeopardy," the state's health department announced this week.

Jeanette Breen, who operates Baldwin Midwifery on Long Island, administered the pellets as an alternative to vaccinations and then falsified their immunization records, the agency said Wednesday.

The scheme, which goes back least to the 2019-2020 school year, involved families throughout the state, but the majority reside on suburban Long Island. In 2019, New York ended a religious exemption to vaccine requirements for schoolchildren.”

📣🤔 hmmm wonder what was happening in 2019 and 2020 as it relates to #children and #vaccines

Here is a clue. Well at least one.

🚨 In 2019, NY Senator John C. Liu voted to repeal the #ReligiousExemption from kids, resulting in 26,000 kids being thrown out of school. This forced many parents to either move to another state or #homeschool. In this clip Senator Liu had the lucky fortune of running into @koziswellness in the elevator in Albany NY, and he gave him a piece of his mind. Look at him smirk when he was told that he violated the #constitution. 😮🤭🙃

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