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She Lectured Me About Christianity In A Woman's Bathroom

Read The Room

โ€œThink about that.

Think about how almost crazy that seems that someone gets triggered in a woman's bathroom because I said, oh yes,

Arizona feels like a magical place.

And that person got triggered because I used the word magic.

And because of that person's own framework.

Oh no, you can't use that word magic.

That's like witchcraft.

And then I'm listening to a lecture about Christianity in the bathroom.

Can you imagine seeing that on a television show?

So who's kind of not reading the room here?

Who the heck wants to be lectured about any type of anything in the bathroom?

Aren't we going to the bathroom to dump stuff we don't need?

It's justโ€ฆ read the room.โ€ -RA

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