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We're Learning A New Map, Challenges of Cancel Culture in NYC BLUE - The Perez Sisters on Podcast “Live Courageously” Hosted by John Duffy

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Hello Cafecito Breakers,

My sister and I have had the blessing of meeting many brave talented souls and John Duffy is one of them. He is a Bronx native who now resides in California and is a Line Producer.

He also has a podcast called Live Courageously. He interviewed us about our wellness business / entrepreneur / indie media journey.

We also opened up about our plight after 2020 and the challenges of Cancel Culture.

Take a listen to a clip here.

To listen to the rest of the interview, check out his Substack

and make sure to subscribe.

Stay tuned. We are in the process of scheduling an interview with him.

Learn more about John Duffy.

John Duffy
Film Producer/Professor/Podcaster "Live Courageously"

Contact Info:

John Duffy's Substack Newsletter

Live Courageously Podcast Show:

IMDB Resume:

John Duffy

"The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It”

"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes
life meaningful."

"Make Your Life a Masterpiece"

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