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Trump Biden Debate Reaction, NYPD Hypocrisy, Migrant Crime, NY Updates - NY Stands Together X Space

Hello Cafecito Breakers,

Take a listen to our latest X Space chat:

Also we invite you to tune into our LIVE X Space which we host on Cafecito Break (Twitter) X on Mondays 9pm est with Freedom Fam who said no the mandates and are boots on the ground in their professions.

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Cafecito Break
Cafecito Break
Millions around the world will only choose freedom. Tuning in. Being present with our 🎤 mic, with coffee, laughs & wisdom. Made in Brooklyn. by The Perez Sisters Wepa! 🌹😇🇺🇸🇵🇷🤗😘🗽🗽