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The Perez Sisters of Cafecito Break Indie Media are critical thinkers, wellness mentors, and freedom loving Latinas who have been serving community for over a dozen years. One of our greatest strengths is cultivating powerful relationships with respect and integrity. We host difficult to have discussions in a diplomatic way.  As a result, we have developed a brand people trust. We have strong ties with local elected officials, non profits, activists, community leaders, residents, influencers and more. 

Hola! We are The Perez Sisters from NYC and we have been producing Cafecito Break, a free thinking Latino Video, Audio and Events Podcast for over ten years. 

For years we have been warning friends about cancel culture, censorship, and the importance of independent platforms having a place where they can grow and expand. Some responded with indifference. Others didn't believe us.

Now we are here.

We have realized that the most important thing is getting the message across and we are driven by a higher mission of personal liberty, medical freedom, our love for humanity, our divinity, and truth.

Currently, we are producing 3-4 live streams / videos per week. We produce videos online. We are also boots on the ground and cover events / local news in NYC. 

Platforms like ours are constantly censored, deplatformed, and shadowbanned.  There is a deep need for dedicated independent platforms who serve the Latino audience and we urgently need your help.

We at Cafecito Break have been creating/producing independent critical thinking content since 2012.

Here is the good news.

People love freedom. There are millions of us around the world who feel this way and we will never comply.

Welcome to Cafecito Break where you are invited to be a part of the conversation.

with The Perez Sisters, RA and Alex

And CoHost/ Producer, Ruthie Guten

Thank you for being here!

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Cafecito Break

Millions around the world will only choose freedom. Tuning in. Being present with our mic 🎤 with coffee, laughs & wisdom. The Perez Sisters #deplatformed9times