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There are many of us serving in different roles and capacities for freedom. 

We at Cafecito Break have been creating/producing independent critical thinking content since 2012.

Unfortunately we are censored and shadowed banned on major social media platforms. Censorship has increased since we started questioning the accepted C O V I D narrative. It’s is getting worse.

We are not giving up or giving in despite how difficult it gets to reach our community. 

How can we as people grow, expand, and learn if we keep censoring and cancelling discussions and each other?

We are witnessing human tragedy rapidly unfolding in our society.

Whoopi said it well… “Man’s inhumanity to Man.”

Here is the good news.

People love freedom.

There are millions of us around the world who feel this way and we will never comply.

Welcome to Cafecito Break where you are invited to be a part of the conversation.

with The Perez Sisters, RA and Alex

And CoHost/ Producer, Ruthie Guten

Thank you for being here!

Cafecito Break

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