Police State In New York Is HAPPENING - Featuring Insights from Former NYPD - New York Stands Together Townhall


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We Do Not Feel Safe In New York

Give this a listen… A whole lotta whistleblowing happening on this chat.

Topics Include:

  • Failed and Crooked NY Leadership

  • New Yorkers Do Not Feel Safe In The Subway

  • The Migrant Crisis

  • Crime in the City

  • Egotistical Elected Officials

  • Emasculation of The Police Department

  • Attack on Masculinity

  • Post George Floyd Effect

  • Civilian Complaint Review Board

  • Surveillance

  • Free Speech Under Attack

  • Censorship

HOSTED BY: John Matland (We The People Are The News), Rosangel Perez (Cafecito Break) Moderated by Kozi of

(Health Freedom Advocate / Artist)

Special Guests: Former NYPD: John D. Macari, Sal Greco, Eric Dym

Tramell Thompson - Senior Advisor to RFK Jr and MTA Subway Insider of Progressive Action

As well as audience members offering questions and insights.

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