Feb 17 β€’ 49M

The Art of Communicating Authentically, A Conversation with Podcast Hall of Famer, Rob Greenlee

Listening and Speaking with Courtesy and Respect Goes a Long Way

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About Rob Greenlee

He is SVP, Podcast Content, and Partnerships at Podbean.com. Former VP, Podcast Content & Partnerships at Liberated Syndication, also called Libsyn. He is also a well-known public speaker, evangelist, technologist, and trainer for podcasting globally.

He is also a current Founding Board of Governors Member, Treasurer, and former Founding Chairperson of The Podcast Academy (Ambies Awards).

Host of Spoken Life Podcast and Co-host of NewMediaShow.com, Host of SpokenLifeShow.com, and Podcasting Advisor and Partner of PodcastEZ.com.

In 2017, he was inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame at PodcastHOF.com.