Jun 19 • 1HR 46M

The COVID Debate Featuring Dr. Peter McCullough via Twitter Space Mario Nawfal - LiveStream Hangout with RA

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This is only part of the debate…. We start listening in on a discussion of Pfizer’s top selling products. Mandating vaccines on people is a very hot topic. It was politicized and it has divided this nation. We are grateful people with courage are having these discussions.

This conversation is important to dissect and try to understand. Many people were hurt /are hurt. Many people have lost faith in corporate media, big pharma and in the medical profession. People aren’t going to the hospitals to get checked. They are afraid.

Yet, many of them/ us are in need of some kind of health care.

While this is a scary, at the same time, it is exciting. People are waking up. People are coming together and trying to fill in the bigger picture of what exactly happened the last three years and what were the things we missed that set us up for those lockdowns.

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